Jamaican charisma and vibe

Jamaicans are among the "vibesiest" set of people on the planet.

By that I mean they bring charisma and excitement to anything they involved in. Dominoes happens to be one such thing Jamaicans love.

Jamaicans come up with the most spectacular moves to place emphasis on game-play, in ways that are nothing short of drama and excitement.



Wi Dramatic!

Jamaicans play a form of the "draw" style domino.

Jamaican style domino games are filled with a lot drama and as such require a very solid and firm surface to be played on.

Real domino players "dramatize" to a point where dominos literally "fly" off the board.



The scoring of Jamaican dominos varies.

In the traditional scoring scheme - Four (4) players play to give each other "Six love".

That is all four (4) players win games in order to "Nil" each other.

Any player of the four (4) who does not win any round before a player reaches six(6) points gets the "Nil" or "six-love".

In the mentioned scoring, the game type would be "Cut-Throat" - meaning - "every player for themselves".

Jamaicans also play "Partner" Domino where players facing each other "partner-up" and score together in an effort to "Nil" the other team.


Domino Pack

The double six (6) Domino Pack
| es blank| doose blank| three blank| four blank| five blank| six blank| doose es
| three es| four es| five es| six es| three doose| four doose| five doose
| six doose| four three| five three| six three| five four| six four| six five
| double blank| double es| double doose| double three| double four| double five| double six


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Most everywhere you turn in Jamaica, you can hear the shuffling, banging and chipping of Dominos somewhere close. Truth is, and you can quote me on this.

"Domino, as a sport brings people together."

Its almost unnatural for someone to truly KNOW the game and not love it.

So the aim of Domino101 is to share Jamaican Dominoes with Jamaicans and the rest of the world, so we can all part take of this sweet pass-time sport.

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