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Alex R. Dowie is a Applications Developer who develops and maintains applications and does integrations for off-the-shelve software, he is verse in both backend and front end development, he uses PHP, Python, MySQL, MSSQL, Flask, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS.

Alex is also a hobbyist Artist who draws and paints in his leisure.

He created this website and the domino game out of love for dominoes and the vybes domino lovers bring to the game.

Most everywhere you turn in Jamaica, you can hear the shuffling, clanging and chipping of Dominos somewhere close. Truth is, and you can quote me on this.
"Domino, as a sport brings people together."

It is also almost unnatural for someone to know the game and not love it.

So the aim of Domino101 is to ultimately network with Domino lovers, likers and normal people
who just want to be entertained all over Jamaica and possibly the world.

Support the cause and help Domino101 share the fun and entertainment with the rest of Jamaica and the world.